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The fireplace provides you warmth just when you need it most. It is important to keep your fireplace and related structures in good condition. When weather begins to change in the early fall months, you should start renovating your fireplace. We are a specialist chimney contractor. Pearl Chimney and Fireplace provides different types of services in Oregon area.

Pearl Chimney and Fireplace Installation and Repair

Pearl Chimney and Fireplace Installation and Repair


Make your home the most comfortable place by installing a chimney. It is an important feature in any home. A well built chimney provides proper passage for smoke, flame and carbon produced by the fireplace. Building this structure requires professional services from a reliable and experienced chimney contractor. The new chimney must be constructed according to your specific requirements, fireplace design and local building codes. It must match interior and exterior themes of your house. The structure must be effective, safe and beautiful.


You will need this service if your chimney is not in good condition. It may be difficult for you to decide if it is time to repair or replace it. Call Pearl Chimney and Fireplace now and you will receive expert guidance. Our professional technician will visit your home, inspect the vent and give you an expert opinion. You will know if the repair will fix the problem or it is time to replace it. Replacement will be advised only if the existing chimney structure poses safety risks to residents and the property.


You can save money by avoiding replacement and going for repairs. Call our professional repair service team as soon as you notice problems like cracks in the chimney. A wide range of chimney repair services is available. Our technicians will repair and replace bricks that are damaged or misplaced. Mortar will be repaired and mortar crown will be rebuilt. Damper will be repaired or replaced as required. Problems related to the crown, leakage and masonry will be fixed. An annual maintenance service is recommended to keep your chimney in good working condition. All cracked, lost and broken parts will be fixed.


Original chimney liners were made with clay to protect the mortar and brickwork from extreme heat of the fireplace. Even the most rigid structure eventually cracks at some point of time. The chimney should be inspected by an experienced relining technician. The professional will inspect everything thoroughly and determine if the old lining should be replaced now. Old clay liner can be replaced with aluminum or stainless steel liner. The new metal liners come with lifetime warranty. You will receive warranty not only on products but also on our workmanship. We assure our customers complete peace of mind.


Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected regularly. It helps keep this vent free from debris. Blockage inside the chimney forces smoke and fume to enter inside the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning due to a blocked chimney is a real danger. Avoid such risks with the help of a professional chimney sweeping service. The cleaning service ensures all blockages inside the chimney are removed. Any bird nest will be removed completely. It ensures free passage for fume and smoke. Flammable deposits like soot and creosote will be removed. A well maintained clean chimney helps avoid many safety risks associated with the fireplace.


A chimney may sink or shift, leading to cracks in the structure. We use state of the art techniques, tools and equipment to stabilize the foundation. It solves the problem permanently. If you notice cracks in the drywall, brick hearths or face of the fireplace, it indicates your chimney is failing. It is in immediate need of leveling and restoration services provided by Foundation Repair Eugene. In such a condition, you should immediately call our chimney contractor Oregon service for structural inspection. The leveling service includes waterproofing, sealing, repairing concrete cracks, mortaring, foundation repair, crawlspace house repair, basement structural repair, basement waterproofing and basement foundation repair.


If your chimney is beyond repair, it is time to replace it completely. You will need services of a professional chimney replacement contractor in Oregon. A chimney deteriorates after years of standing in harsh weather conditions. Cracks develop in its mortar, bricks and concrete. Its structure must be first inspected by an experienced technician to determine if it qualifies for replacement. Our expert technicians will inspect the extent of damage. If they determine removal of whole structure is the only solution left, you will receive complete chimney replacement service. Call now for a free quote for replacement service.

Cap Installation

The chimney cap is also known as the rain cover or spark arrestor. It protects your home from rain, snow, sleet and lightning strikes. It is like a small roof for the chimney. This cover prevents birds and animals entering the chimney. They cannot build their nest inside this vent. It also prevents entry of twigs, leaves and other debris. A good quality cap made of metal will be installed. Caps made of stainless steel last many years.

A chimney and all its parts are expensive to install, repair and maintain. Avoid dealing with unknown and untrained technicians. We have specialist technicians with training, expertise and experience in this field. Pearl Chimney and Fireplace is a licensed and insured Oregon contractor. Schedule an appointment with our professional technicians. We offer free inspection and assessment service. Call now to receive quote for any type of chimney service at your home.